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Mode of Action Works within 15-30 minutes


Unlike oral products that have to pass through the digestive system, Lecicarbon gets to work when you need it.

After insertion, the body’s temperature gently melts the suppository, which causes the two salts, sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate, to react. The reaction releases carbon dioxide, which gently rises up the rectum causing peristalsis (the natural intestinal movement).

After 15-30 minutes the desired effect occurs and the patient should be experiencing relief from their constipation.

Unlike other suppositories, Lecicarbon can be used for the long term treatment of constipation.1 Lecicarbon can also be used to ease bowel movements after operations or to evacuate the bowel prior to surgery or diagnostic procedures.

Lecicarbon can also be used in cases where other laxatives have proven to be ineffective.

 References: 1) NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary September 2014.

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Revision date 19 June 2015